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The Truth starring Alain Nu

Alain Nu: Mind Reading Mentalist

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Is the truth actually out there? Experience the mysteries of extraordinary phenomena in person at "The Truth starring Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows" with live on-stage performances.

From Washington's Watergate Hotel to the Four Seasons in Abu Dhabi, Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, has entertained audiences worldwide with seemingly paranormal feats that defy explanation. The star of the TLC Network television specials The Mysterious World of Alain Nu, this unprecedented man of mystery blurs the boundaries between the known and the unknown with startling demonstrations of extraordinary phenomena.

Alain Nu utilizes his untold powers to foretell your actions, unveil unspoken thoughts, and divulge inexplicable revelations. Experience the wonders of clairvoyance, precognition, and telepathy as Alain reveals uncanny secrets beyond the scope of belief.

"To watch him is to throw out all the rules of physics," wrote Eric Brace of "The Washington Post. Mike Weatherford, "Las Vegas Review-Journal, added, He did things I'd never seen before most intriguing. CNN's Wolf Blitzer called Alain Nu "absolutely extraordinary".

Plan to be amazed, astounded, and awed. And please be tempted to borrow a teaspoon from your hotel coffee shop to experience first-hand the miraculous mysteries of psychokinetic spoon bending. (Not responsible for altered, metamorphosed, or transformed cutlery!)

AGES 16 +

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