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Don Barnhart is already known for his Las Vegas comedy shows, and now brings you Hypnomania, a hilarious journey through hypnosis in the form of comedy, that lets you be the star (or just laugh with your friends).


The volunteers are known to dance or release other hidden talents as the stars of the show tap into their minds and hypnotize them in hilarious ways, combining the charms of standup comedy, improv, and, of course, hypnosis.


Don Barnhart is a compere to the show and uses some fascinating Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques as well as guiding the audience through a meditation activity to help with anxiety and stress release, but it isn’t a spiritual retreat, and Hypnomania promises hilarious improv throughout with a circus feel and amazing audience participation.


Looking for a Las Vegas show with a lot of laughs, that will allow you to volunteer within the show? This could be the perfect one for you.


Don Barnhart is already well-known to the Las Vegas strip and all who go there, and this show also includes guests such as the infamous Keith Lyle from the movie The Hangover.


The show is open to those who are 21 and up, with alcohol served and adult humor, no minors are allowed in the venue.

Find the show at Alexis Park Resort, 375 E Harmon Las Vegas, NV 89169, within the Pegasus Showroom on site, minutes walk from the Las Vegas strip.

The show is around 90 minutes in length, but due to the improvisational nature of the show, this may vary somewhat from one show to the next.

The show runs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 8pm until around 9.15pm.

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