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The Dark, Taboo, Hilarious & Sexy Side of Magic.

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Late Night Magic Las Vegas Show Tickets

This truly is a magic show like no other, and as warned by the promoters, make sure you leave your children at home for this sexy, taboo, and very funny side of the world of magic.


The show was co-created by its charismatic and funny host, Douglas “LEFTY” Leferovich, who is known for performing in shows up and down the Las Vegas Strip and you may also recognize him from the TV series Masters of Illusion.


Late Night Magic is performed by a rotating cast of four talented magicians who have been described as the “Avengers of Magic”. Between them, they’ve performed to millions of people all over the world on television and in person. Mondre, John Shaw, Annarose and Bizzaro join Lefty, our host, for a truly unique show that works perfectly in the late night slot in a Vegas Hotel.


You may have seen some of the magicians involved already, making appearances on TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Masters of Illusion and Ghost Adventures. These are some of the best talents that America has to offer in the world of illusion and magic.


Late Night Magic was a Bronze Winner at 2021’s Best of Las Vegas Awards, and has been recognized as one of the most unique shows you can enjoy in Vegas today. The no-holds-barred show focuses on aspects of magic that many others prefer to avoid, and these comic magicians are happy to discuss the taboo sides of comedy as well as even venturing into the sexier, risque aspects of the comic world.


Late Night Magic’s reviews have been spectacular, and Vegas411 described the show as featuring “laughs, cringe-inducing freak show stunts, and jaw-dropping magic acts.” An adult magic show you’ll be glad you saw live, and one that always evolves thanks to the rotating cast of world-class magicians.



Mondre, John Shaw, Annarose and Bizzaro, as well as the host and co-creator Lefty are all mainstays of the show, but the cast evolves so it could be different depending on the night you attend. Uber Rossi and Shocko have also made recent appearances at the club.

Friday and Saturday nights at 10.30PM, this is a late night show that takes place after other events.

Alexis Park All Suite Resort Las Vegas, just minutes from the Vegas Strip, this is a well-known venue for many top Vegas shows. It’s easy to find and there is always something to do.

No, Late Night Magic is held late at night and it is adults only, and all of this helps to add to the hilarity. There are adult themes in the show which means it is not suitable for children or minors. You must be 21 or over in order to attend.

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