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The Classic Vegas Showgirl Show!

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BurlesQ is one of the best known showgirl shows in the whole of Las Vegas, and it is an incredible celebration of the classic Vegas Showgirl Shows that have been a mainstay of the strip for years. Classy and elegant, it takes its inspiration from shows like Lido, Crazy Horse:
Award-Winning All-Elvis Tribute Show.

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A tribute to the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis is one of the most celebrated and talked-about cultural icons of all time. In fact, he remains the best-selling solo musician in the history of music. In 2022, we’re celebrating the life of the King with shows including
The Dark, Taboo, Hilarious & Sexy Side of Magic.

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This truly is a magic show like no other, and as warned by the promoters, make sure you leave your children at home for this sexy, taboo, and very funny side of the world of magic. The show was co-created by its charismatic and funny host, Douglas “LEFTY” Leferovich, who is
We’re All Mad Here!

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Time to go down the rabbit hole. In another amazing and unique Las Vegas show, Wonderland has been created to satisfy all fans of Alice’s adventures, and features tales from Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass. The classic story is retold in this amazing puppet adventure, and
A Re-creation of the 1976 UK Tour.

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Celebrating the Music and History of the Famed Brother-Sister Duo The Carpenters. An iconic musical brother-sister duo whose music has endured throughout the years. Carpenters Legacy focuses on the live performances in their famous 1976 tour and allows you to relive the incredible songs of the era including “Superstar” and
See the show or BE the show!
The choice is up to you.

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Don Barnhart is already known for his Las Vegas comedy shows, and now brings you Hypnomania, a hilarious journey through hypnosis in the form of comedy, that lets you be the star (or just laugh with your friends).
All-Female Motown Revu

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All Motown is a fun and action-packed delve into the history of Motown, one of the most influential musical movements ever. The all-female cast, The Duchesses of Motown, are charismatic and impressive and this show makes for a rollercoaster ride through incredible hits and grooves. The cast is made up
Fun for Everyone.

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The BIG Little Variety Show is a really exciting show with a little bit of something for everyone. This show has some of the best acts in Vegas and the rest of the world, with entertainers spanning a huge number of disciplines ready to provide you with laughs and excitement.
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